Website Ranking

Website Ranking is All About Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)!

If you haven’t heard of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO before, then, in a nutshell it’s about the strategy of positioning your website, ideally, as the number one result (or ranking) when people go to google (or other search platforms) to search specific terms (keywords). 

Taking the right steps to rank at the top of Google for your selected keywords is a great growth decision for your business.

At Hi Vis Web Design, we offer a monthly add-on package exclusively for our website care plan clients.

Initially, we’ll conduct an audit of your website to identify opportunities and make recommendations on optimising your website for SEO. 

We do this through a detailed analysis of your website, competitors and potential keywords for your business niche. 

We’ll get started on working to get your website ranked for 10 keywords. 

Every month we’ll either build one page or add one blog post (or article) of helpful content for your target audience. 

We’ll send a report every month with everything we have accomplished and the improvement of your search engine rankings.

We also include a quarterly consultation call to review your goals and strategise for the upcoming quarter.

Want Your Website To Be Ranking?

Reach out to us if you have any queries or would like your website to be ranking and we’ll be more than happy to chat with you about this service.