Totally Koi

The Brief

The client came to us and together we defined the following goals; 

  • Build a new wordpress website
  • Focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Prepare site for monetisation through advertising and affiliate links

Our Approach

We started with keyword research and looking at the competition in the same market so see what worked well and what could be done better. 

Next we were able to build a WordPress website from scratch with a key focus on keywords and SEO to start ranking the site and increase traffic. 

We also needed to ensure the website was mobile friendly.

Finally, we collaborated with a writer to support the client with providing articles to post on the website with a 12 month content plan based on our original keyword and market research. 

The Results

Since launching the new website we’ve tracked the following results…

  • Ranking in google search results
  • Increased traffic
This basically means that the client now…
  • Has the traffic to run advertising on the website
  • Can monetise the website with advertising and affiliate links
Here's what the client said when we checked in with them...

All I needed was a simple site that I could post content on regularly, to drive traffic to so I could monetise the site through advertising and I got more than I had imagined. The results within the first week were super exciting. Thank you so much.

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