The Healthy Bloke

The Brief

Together with the client, the following was outlined as the key goals;

  • New website for new business
  • Display upcoming events
  • Good user experience
  • Ability to post blogs and affiliate products
  • Support client with automated features
  • Linked to consult booking service (through Schedule Once)
  • Linked to automated email responder
  • Linked to landing page service (through Click Funnels)

Our Approach

We started with understanding the business, services, goals and personal preferences related to how the business needed to fit into lifestyle.

Next we were able to build the WordPress website from the ground up, which included co-ordinating and working with a local photographer for a photo shoot for all the images required for the website. 

Finally, we plugged in the additional features such as Schedule Once to manage automated calendar bookings linked to the clients calendar. We also linked in to an email auto responder to support the client in focussing on the time with people and less hands on with tasks that could be done once and put on repeat. 

The Results

Since launching the new website we’ve tracked the following results…

  • Website has supported client attending a number of local events
  • Enabled leads to book free consults
  • Enabled new customers to book paid consults
All this basically means that the client now…
  • Has a site to support attending local events
  • Is able to send leads to booking pages
  • Can send customers to booking pages and is confident that they’ll receive automated reminder emails to improve show up rates
Here's what the client said when we checked in with them...

Thank you so much for pulling together such an amazing site in such a quick time before attending my first expo. I love that I can now post articles and affiliate products to help support my target market...but most of all I love that I can send people to my booking page linked to my calendar and know they'll receive reminder notifications leading up to our booking without me having to lift a finger. Thanks again!

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