The Art of Admin

Web Designer

The Brief

The client came to us and together we defined the following goals; 

  • Build a new WordPress website
  • Prepare site for delivering online training
  • Link into automated services such as landing pages, email autoresponders
  • Prepare site for monetising through advertising and affiliate links

Our Approach

We started with keyword and market research. 

Next we were able to build the website from the ground up for a solid foundation.

Finally, we linked into the automated services. 

The Results

Since launching the new websites we’ve noted the following results…

  • Created a website that generates traffic
  • Capturing and nurturing leads with automation plugged in
  • Linked into services to enable delivering online training programs
Basically this means that the client now…
  • Nurture leads and customers to increase sales
  • Do things once and they’re done
Here's what the client said when we checked in with them...

Thank you for making a process that is so overwhelming to something that is more strategic, simple and straight forward.

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