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Looking for local SEO services in your area? Then look no further than us. 

Search Engine Optimisation Explained

If you haven’t heard of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO before, then, in a nutshell it’s about the strategy of positioning your website, ideally, as the number one result (or ranking) when people go to google (or other search platforms) to search specific terms (keywords).

Taking the right steps to rank at the top of Google for your selected keywords
is a great growth decision for your business. Initially, we’ll conduct an audit of your website to identify opportunities and make recommendations on optimising your website for SEO.

We do this through a detailed analysis of your website, competitors and potential keywords for your business niche. Then we’ll get started on working to get your website ranked for relevant keywords for your business.

We’ll send a report every month with everything we have accomplished and the improvement of your search engine rankings.

Local SEO Services Perth

Our SEO Process

Here’s an overview of our search engine optimisation process
and how we build the most targeted strategy for your business.
SEO Strategy Call Rockingham

The Strategy Call

We’ll ask the right questions to uncover the  why you need a new website, what your market is and exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve.
Keyword Research Rockingham

The Keyword Research

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll research all the keywords that a relevant for you business to rank for on Google. 

On Page SEO Rockingham

The On Page SEO

We will check things like speed, security, meta titles & descriptions, content quality, mobile friendliness, and that your NAP is consistent to ensure optimisation of your website. 

Off Page SEO Rockingham

The Off Page SEO

To ensure we’re getting the best out of your off page SEO, we’ll add rich and fresh content and add internal and outbound links to increase your credibility score on Google. 

Website Maintenance Rockingham

The Management

Like with all our builds, we recommend our website management, content or SEO packages to get the best out of a long term SEO strategy. 
SEO does not stay stagnant and either should your website.

Rockingham Area SEO

We are here to help you reach new customers, grow your business and compete with the big guys. We can design a custom SEO strategy that will get you noticed in Rockingham by your potential customers. 

Fremantle Area SEO

Have you been looking for a way to help your business grow in Fremantle? We offer a SEO strategy that will get you on the first page of Google search results, so potential customers can find you. 

Mandurah Area SEO

We can help you build a SEO strategy to rank in search results for the Mandurah area and get noticed. We understand the importance of ranking high on Google so customers find your business services & products. 

Perth Area SEO

We specialise in helping local Perth businesses reach their full potential online with personalised SEO strategy from experienced professionals who know how important it is to be found when someone’s looking for a product or service like yours!

Local SEO Strategy

What We Can Do For Businesses Looking For Local SEO Services

Do you have a local business in the Rockingham, Mandurah, Fremantle or Perth areas and are looking for a targeted SEO strategy for your business and your area? 

We can help you build a SEO strategy to rank on the first page in search results for your area so that potential customers can find you more easily than ever before.

Looking For Local SEO Services?

Look no further… we can help you build a local SEO strategy that works.

Local SEO Services Rockingham

Why is Google Credibility Important
To Your Website?

With the amount of information available on the web, it’s nearly impossible to find what you’re looking for without Google ranking systems. These rankings are designed to sort through hundreds of billions of webpages in Google’s search index and show the most relevant, useful results as quickly as possible. This is where your credibility with Google and your SEO strategy comes in. 

Google is the dominate search engine in most countries of the world, especially in English. In English, Google has 88% of the desktop searches and 96% of mobile searches so it’s incredibly important that what we are doing with you SEO strategy, enables us to build your credibility and trustworthy score so you rank and more importantly have the best return on your investment. 

SEO Package


Our SEO Package


  • A targeted content strategy to maximise coverage for your website content.
  • 2 SEO optimised blog articles every month to be distributed across your blog, email newsletter and social media channels.
  • We’ll fix any technical issues, optimise current website content and meta tags after conducting a thorough audit.
  • Optimise two pages/posts on your website for your primary keywords and send a traffic report and analysis monthly.
  • Add rich content, internal and outbound links (backlinking)
  • We also include a quarterly website strategy session to review your goals and strategies for the next quarter

Award Winning Digital Consultants

Award For Excellence in online Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

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Certified Digital Consultants

You can be sure that you’re in good hands! We serve our clients through best practices in communication, development workflow and project management. We’re also backed by a global business mastermind group for WordPress consultants so work to deliver only the best for our clients.
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